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Student Loan

Students Loans are a type of financial aid YOU MUST REPAY, including the interest accumulated during the repayment period. Federal Loans have a low annual interest rate and favourable repayment terms, including an extended repayment period. They are available for students and parents and the eligibility for different student loans can be based on financial need or not.

The most popular loans are guaranteed by the Federal Government and regulated by the US Department of Education.

Student loans can be Federal o Direct, depending on who is the loan provider.

Federal Family Education Loan Program (FFELP): these student and parent loans are provided by private lenders such as banks, credit unions, savings and loan associations; and are guaranteed by the Federal Government. The loan holders are the banks and financial institutions.

Federal Direct Student Loan Program (FDSLP): The student and parent loans are offered directly by the Federal Government through the schools. The loans are managed and collected by the US Department of Education.

Both programs, Federal and Direct Student Loans, offer the same types of loans. Receiving a loan under one of these programs normally depends on which of these programs the school you will attend participates in.

Federal Perkins Loan: Is a low-interest loan available for students with economic need and the lowest Expected Family Contribution. This loan is provided by Educational institutions or schools.

For more information on Student Loan Consolidation please visit, the most complete portal for students on the web.

This site has all the information you could need about not only the financial aspects of student life but the study, travel, personal and employment aspects too. When spending your student loan, it should be used as a guide. Always bear in mind that a student loan is designed to be just enough that you can live comfortably in your study years - it is by no means a source of income to be frivolous with! However, by managing it right (using the help from sites such as you can give yourself little treats without a problem. This could be a car, a holiday or indeed whatever you like the choice is yours! Treats which have an educational benefit are the best - a language learning holiday for example. It need not cost a lot; once you have your student loan (and perhaps a supporting part time job), by doing research (say looking at options such as driving rather than flying), the world really is your oyster.

An example trip (which your student loan could definitely handle) would be a road trip around Spain for the summer, learning Spanish from the locals. A place such as Andalusia (where you could consider options such as Malaga car hire) and hoteles Málaga would be ideal; given the province's typical friendly personality, everyone would be willing to help you learn! You'd come back being able to add 'Spanish speaker' to you CV or resume and furthermore, still have enough in the bank to pay for your textbooks or to make your loan consolidation repayments. With a little thought, you really can have the best of both worlds - a budget friendly and fun lifestyle!


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