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FAFSA Application Form

Free Application for Federal Student Aid form is required for all students who are seeking for federal financial aid programs. You have to complete the FAFSA each year to determine the type of aid you are eligible to receive. If your are a student in the second or posterior year, you can fill a renewal FAFSA by Internet o paper form. You can fill it out via:

• Electronic application that the college student aid office provides.

• Mailing a FAFSA form to the Central Processing System.

• Online at

We recommend to complete the FAFSA application online: the process is faster than applying on paper, with additional instructions, and you have advantages like checking or changing information in your form before submitting it. The answer is also quicker than mailing, and you can consult the status of your FAFSA. There are also forms in Spanish.

For more information on Student Loan Consolidation please visit, the most complete portal for students on the web.


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