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When attempting to find a school, you may find the task a little daunting; there are so many factors to consider (not mentioning schools to choose from)! The best way to go about the selection process is to break the factors down into levels of importance. Factors such as distance form home, exam results, price (if applicable) and reputation usually figure as the highest priorities of parents however obviously there could be special requirements too (should the pupil excel in sport, extra curricular activities, such as english courses in England, are obviously going to rate highly on the list of prerequisites, as would accessibility for the parents of a child in a wheel chair).

One should consult a wide and varied amount of resources before committing themselves to a school. Speak to parents and the PTA committee, study results of the past years and take every opportunity to look within the school building itself - is it well kept and modern? Factors such as Internet access and neat classrooms are commonly present in the best schools. By speaking to teachers, you will gain and understanding of how your child will adapt to the class routine. Some teachers are very much focused on achieving exam results which, though in theory can be a positive thing, can often results in the slower students falling behind in a fast paced class. Don't be afraid to ask questions, as goes the saying: "ask the question and you're the fool for five minutes, don't say anything and you're the fool for life". Applied to our situation, should you not do sufficient research before electing a school, you really could have a negative impact on your child's future! Teachers are often glad to answer queries and they will have plenty of experience in dealing with worried parents. Furthermore, don't forget, you can always return the favour by ensuring your child does his/her homework on time, behaves in class and celebrates events such as Teacher Appreciation Day 2008!

If you are a foreign student planning on studying in the UK, make sure you visit for all the information you need on accommodation at all the major universities. The Foreign Students web guide is there to help you through the challenge of studying abroad by offering a range of services to make your time studying in the UK that little bit easier.


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