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Language Translations

English is the unofficial international language of business. This is all well and good, but the simple fact is that not everyone speaks English and so there is a great deal of business not being done because of linguistic barriers. This is where language translations services can be useful.

Internet agencies exist that offer translation from English to any major language and from any major language to English. The advantage of using an internet-based company is that documents can be emailed around the world in a fraction of a second and the translator can be located anywhere in the world. A selection of the most-requested translations are:

Spanish. The demand for Spanish translations in the United Kingdom is high as Spain and South American countries are major trading partners. South America is one of the largest exporting regions for goods such as fruit, vegetables, coffee, minerals and oil. Britain is a major importer of all of these items and more.

German. Germany has the largest economy in Europe and is one of Britain's largest trading partners. With the growth of the European Union, demand for German translations is growing by the year. Particularly popular are legal and technical translations, which require a high level of both German and English. Is ideal for anyone wanting to brush up on their German-English translation skills to learn it in the native country, it means the German learnt is real German, not the kind from textbooks.

Chinese. China's economy is now one of the most powerful on the planet and is set to overtake the US in the coming years. Unlike the European languages, Chinese is not commonly taught in Anglophone countries and, as such, demand for professional Chinese translation is huge.

Arabic. The language of the Middle East is another which is not commonly taught in much of Europe but is central to international trade. Translation agencies are reporting that quotes for Arabic translation are now among the most popular requests from clients.

Japanese. Anyone who has had the pleasure of reading an instruction manual written in "Japenglish" will be aware that translating from Japanese to English is not a straightforward matter. The Japanese language has status structures that are absent from the European languages and which cannot be directly translated. The translation service for Japanese is one of the most complicated on offer and requires an excellent level of both languages.

French. Many people in Britain have a basic grasp of French, having been taught the subject in school. Still, demand for French translations is buoyed by the large Francophone parts of Africa with which Britain has trade agreements in place.

The best place to find a translation service is now the internet, where quotes are generally given within 48 hours and you can shop around to find the best price. A good translation agency should use qualified translators with a track record of getting work done accurately and on time.

Language learning can take you anywhere and help you in doing anything! Just consider – you could work doing anything from making socially responsible gifts in an impoverished country to being a high flying banking executive, conversing with foreign colleagues all over the world! Don’t let the language learning opportunity pass you by, you certainly won’t regret it!


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