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International Accreditation

Your online degree and any other higher study will conform to regulations which are basically similar worldwide. It is always wise to check whether the online degree program you are planning to join is actually acknowledged by the relevant authorities. If you need to check a particular online degree from a country other than yours, we recommend you to contact the Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA), which is the world institution that maintains an international database with detailed information.

The quality measures differ between each country and approach to legalizing universities. The most widely-found approach is that universities are granted the right to issue degrees, including online degrees, and that procedures are put in place for quality measures acceptable to the body that issues the degree-granting right in the first place.

These can vary from universities being self-accrediting through to agencies such as the British Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education publishing assessment results for comparative purposes. In Canada, each of the provinces takes its own approach, with one having a Private Colleges Accreditation Board consisting of a chair, four academic staff members from universities, four academic staff members of private colleges affiliated with universities or given approval to offer degree programs, and four members of the public.

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