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Privacy Policy

This document describes our information collecting practices, how it is collected, what is collected and how this information is used.

What information do we collect?

Our websites may collect anonymous information while a user visits them, be it one we have created ourselves or one of our business associates, including advertisers and publishers. The anonymous information collected may include IP address, web pages visited, domain type, date and time and certain responses to advertisement we or our associates may deliver. This information is collected via a pixel which uses a safe method to record it.

At this time we do not collect nor ask for personally identifiable information or data on our websites.

How do we use the information?

The information collected by our websites is used in order to correctly target advertisements and offers, the information may also be used to improve our systems or help our business partners and clients to better target their own marketing. Using the information collected we attempt to tailor offers and advertisements so that they are more relevant and attractive to customers. The information may be shared with subsidiaries and third parties for similar uses.


Reasonable measures, both technical and managerial, are used to ensure the security and integrity of any data collected. We also state again that at this time we do not collect any personally identifiable information and as such our information collecting procedures are safe.

Third Party Data Gathering

Third party advertisements and content on our websites may track users in ways that are no described herein. These third-party sites may place cookies on your computer or collect data, sometimes soliciting personal information when a user follows the advertisement, which of course may be refused by the user.

If you wish for more information on the individual practices of such websites, please refer to the third-party’s own privacy policy. We encourage our users to be aware of individual privacy practices before leaving our website. Please be aware that this privacy statement applies only to information that our own web-sites collect.

Changes to our Policy

This privacy policy is subject to change, and new versions may be posted from time to time. This privacy policy was last reviewed on November the 11, 2008.


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