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NearMePayday.Loan-NearMePayday.Loan- San Diego CA

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How do I find the payday loan with the best terms?

When you take out a payday loan ($1000-5000) - borrowing from your next one or two paychecks - it is a pretty quick process, assuming you get your loan online (but not nearly so easy if you go to the old storefront payday cash advance stores).

But every lender offers different terms. And it's not so simple a matter as what interest rates they charge. Different lenders offer different payback schedules, charge different fees and penalties, and may even have different sizes of loans (determined in part by how much you make and what your state banking regulations allow).

To figure out which payday loan company might best meet your needs, you can try sorting through it in these ways:

Ask friends and family - Perhaps someone you know has had a good experience with borrowing on a payday loan. Just be clear that their circumstances and timing were similar to yours.

Dedicate two to three hours for research - With online payday loan companies, you certainly can look at the loan terms as they are required to post on their websites. But plan for it to take a bit of time.

Allow an aggregator to search for you - This is like a search engine, but you input your loan information and other preferences. The site will search for the best loan that fits your needs.

What comes as a relief to most first-time payday loan applicants is that the criteria for a loan differ from credit card and bank lenders. You do not need to go through a credit history check. You do need to have a job for one month or more. You need to be 18 years of age and you need to have a bank account where you can receive your payday loan. The loan will arrive in your checking account the day after you apply (business days only).


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