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How to Write a CV-Resume

The information you display in your resume must be clear, concise and logical. Make sure it contains no mistakes that can confuse the reader. People in charge of selection do not spend more than 10 seconds scanning your resume to see if they will read it or not, and about 30 seconds reading it to take a decision on inviting you or not to an interview. DO NOT FORGET THIS! For each position they may receive 300-400 applications.

Before writing up and sending your resume you must ask yourself a few questions. Write the answers and later there will be time to shape the resume:

- What do I think the company and/or the selector are looking for?

- What abilities are required in somebody to develop and carry out the position?

- What achievements and functions in previous positions have I carried out that can help me to do well in my new job?

- Do I have the correct academic preparation? Have I updated my knowledge?

- Do I speak languages?

- Do I have other life experiences that have helped me to develop skills and capacities to solve problems?

For more information on resume writing samples and cover letter tips please visit, offering all the information, tips writing a resume, free resources and examples about resumes, cv and cover letters on the web.


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