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CV-Resume Tips

- One or two pages at the most

- White paper or very clear colour and good quality, without any décor.

- Typed form, avoid writing your resume by hand, except for a company that asks for it

- Do not include the letter’s date in your resume

- You have to transmit clarity and professionalism visually

- Use action verbs in your resume

- Avoid using too many decorative resources like fitting, colours or very expanded paragraphs.

- Be honest in the content, positive and sell the best things about you when you write a resume

- Write well and have the spelling checked before sending your resume.

- Use different synonyms to avoid both repetitions and the image of limited lexicon richness

- Structure the resume based on what you consider to be your strong points for that position: abilities and achievements first, or experience in several similar positions.

- Always stress how you have solved problems, your abilities, your contribution to the improvements obtained in your work and your company.

To avoid:

- Do no include a resume cover

- Do not write a title (we already know that it’s a RESUME or CV)

- Do not speak of economic objectives in your resume.

- Do not write in the resume the reasons for change or not working

- Photograph: only if requested.

- Use general vocabulary, not technical, colloquial words or slang, which cannot be understood.

- References: not to be annexed to the resume . It is not a book where bibliography is added.

For more information on resume writing samples and cover letter tips please visit, offering all the information, tips writing a resume, free resources and examples about resumes, cv and cover letters on the web.


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